Primeira Dia na Cidade Maravilhosa

So, back in the Cidade Maravilhosa.And its not called that for any silly reason. It literally is marvelous.

I wake up early, jetlag has still got a grips of me and I head down for a swim at Leblon. It is literally a block away. Perfect location/localização perfeito.

Praia do Leblon - not a bad place to be.

Praia do Leblon – not a bad place to be.


A good dip in the water is ruined by the incessant blowing of the whistle. I didn’t think too much of it, til the lifeguard ran up and ordered me to get in. I found that strange as the waves, nor the rip or current were too strong. Back to the hostel, I grab an água de coco.

In the hostel, I have some food, and my coconut water. I get talking to James and Laura over breakky. We then decide to head down to the beach for some sun and sand time. Its still the same conditions as before, just more people out. Though there are some more ‘closeouts’ going about.

After lunch, and a chill at the hostel, we head back down for round two. Its beginning obvious why I am here. A Cidade Maravilhosahas some of the best city beaches and scenery in the world.

Praia do Leblon - this was our view on the beach.

Praia do Leblon – this was our view on the beach.

Back at the hostel, a few beers are consumed and a meal had at down at Frontera (a good local per quilo restaurante but pricey) with some lads. Its a good feed, and it goes down well.

I catch up back with James and Laura. We head over to the nearby bar to have a few drinks. But jetlag finally kicks in and decides its time to declare a winner.

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