Dubai to Rio

A bright an early start to the day, 4:30am. God damn. Whats with these early starts. But a quick shower and down to reception to check out and get the courtesy bus to the Airport.

Straight through immigration, and to find something to eat in this colossal place. I settle for a juice bar, but the muffin there sucked. The juice did rock though. I found a breakfast kebab, then waited for my flight.

I didn’t get upgraded for this flight, but I got the next best thing, a free seat next to me.

Things take a turn for the worse. We go to runway, about to head off, and we return to the airport. There is something wrong with the plane. 3 hours of sitting on the airport tarmac.

We finally get going and its off to Rio. The flights not overly bad, but its not the wonders of Business class. Thats life I guess.

We get to Rio at about 6:30pm, about 3 hours past our expected arrival time. The lines for immigration here, were absurd. They had about 3 people working the immigration desks for about 4 plane loads of people. It was incredible. And this is where the olympics and world cup are being held, it better see an improvement.

I get my stamp and I’m through and into Brazil!

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