A Police Strike…bad timing

At present there is a Police Strike in Salvador. It seems a bit messy with over 100+ murders since the strike took place. It looks to have come to a conclusion though, so I book a ticket to Bom Despacho.

On route to Bom Despacho, we go through a few places and after about 4 hours finally make it to the ferry port.

From here, we cross the Bay of All Saints (Bahia de Todos Santos)and then get to Salvador. It doesn’t seem like the ‘best’ part of town. So I grab a taxi as I have no idea how to get to the hostel.

Though the taxi seems to find my street address (taken straight from the hostel website) as confusing and I end up at some mega fancy hotel. Obviously not where a strangly looking backpacker is staying. And shortly there after he finds the hostel, tucked into a corner of the Pelourinho.

Check in, and I find out I’ve just missed Caipirinha time. Oh well, I settle down with Matt (a jolly old englishman, ok maybe not old) and we crack a few cold ones (its a bad system when the fridge is open 24/7. OK its not bad at all). And we drink and shoot the shit. He’s waiting for Pilko Jnr (named after Karl Pilkington). We head out to see whats happening, but theres not much or its just finished.

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