Itacare…..same old story

Resende at dusk

Things roll pretty solidly in this place. Its really about exploring the beaches. And there are some fine beaches. Most days we hit up the usual spots: Praia Tiririca or Praia Resende. These are the two closest beaches. Plus they seem to be better then the other two. Always a pit stop at the Acai place. And then a few drinks over dinner and at the bar.

Jumping at Resende

On other days you can explore nearby beaches. Maxi takes us to the Idyllic Prainha. You have to walk past the 4 main beaches, then follow a track for about 50 minutes.

Trilha to Prainha

But boy, do you get a beach that is worthy of a postcard. And you basically have this beach all to yourself. No one is in sight. Palm fringed and deserted (ish). Its good to chill here, cut a few coconuts open and swim/surf. I even have a bit of a nap.


Its a bit of a big night when we get back, its a persons birthday, so it requires a few litro cervajas. And a decent one at that. Its then on down the road to Favela.

Barnana at the hostel. Slightly less packed then the big night out.

The street outside Favela is packed. Its literally hard to move. Inside is also pumping, the floor is hardly holding up to the masses dancing on top of it.

I do see one of the funniest things, Ben (a hostel buddy) nearly gets picked up by the manliest looking transvestite I have ever seen. This guys Adam’s Apple was bigger than my balls. It was quite hilarious seeing the awkwardness of the situation though.

And thats Itacaré in a nut shell. Its a beach side place with not a lot to do; sit on the beach, drink a few coconuts and caipirinhas, have a feed, and a few drinks. Life is not complicated here.

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