Beach time

After a record bus stint for myself, I rock up to Banana’s Hostel in Itacare and a guy (Maxi) opens up the door welcomes me in and tells me to chuck my things down and join in for breakfast. Down at the breakfast table, its clear to me that this place is chilled out when they’re rolling a big fat joint over coffee and toast.

After a few hours chill time (checking mail, news, chilling out, shower, and checking in) I head off down to the beach for some chill time. In Itacre, there are a few options, but I decide on the 2nd beach as most people from the hostel said they were going there.

Praia Tiririca

The road out to the beaches passes a golden ticket: Self serve Acai.After a bowl of that delicious goodness, its back on the strip to the beaches. I make my way to Praia Tiririca. Its the main ‘surf’ beach and has a lot of surfers about. I find the others and chill out for the afternoon at the beach. There really isn’t a lot to do here.


Back in town, we hit up the Falafel joint and have a few beers. This continues on at the hostel bar for a while before the long ass trip before catches up with me.

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