My Biggest Mistake

There comes a time, when a seasoned traveller like myself makes a monumental mistake. And this was one of them. I had down my research, and to get to my next destination would require 3 buses. But I would get there in the afternoon the next day. I would have to travel to Vitoria da Conquista, then to Itabuna/Ilheus and then onto Itacare.

I book my ticket to Vitoria. And catch that bus after a day of chilling out. Waking up the next morning to Vitoria I go to find the bus company that goes to Itabuna/Ilheus yet there is none. I look at the Tourist Information Centre to realise its Vitoria, Espirito Santo. Oh Shiiiiiiiiiit!!!!

I scramble about to find a bus that leaves shortly to either city in Bahia. But the earliest I find is 8pm tonight. I wander around and find another one, it leaves at 2pm. So I grab a ticket. No to kill 12 hours.

I go in search of an Internet Cafe…which seems easier said than done. Its a long long search, through some bad smelling fish markets before I set foot in the internet cafe. I don’t think I’ve seen an internet cafe with worse computers, but it does the job to send through an email to my hostel in Itacare.

The bus ride to Itabuna is absolutely horrible. It is packed to the brim, the bus has no a/c and its ridiculously hot. I sleep in sweat for most of the evening. Fun times! Arriving in Itabuna, I go in search of my sleeping bag (I take it on bus rides as the a/c is always turned to ice cold) its no where to be found.

Arriving in Itacare, two days after I left Ouro Preto is just a big sigh of relief.

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