Ouro Preto

After a good nap and some food I head off to explore the cobbled streets of Ouro Preto. This was once the epicentre of Brazil’s gold rush and is perhaps the best example of Baroque architecture in Brazil. This is a place where churches are lined with gold and the buildings have that classic colonial look.

Ouro Preto’s Streets.

I start off at Praca Tiradentes, the place where Tiradentes decapitated head once stood to ward off other revolutionaries. At one end is the Museu Inconfidencia and the other end is a Mining Museum.

Down a small side street I go, and head one of Aleijandros masterpieces (alot of the magnificent churches here are his design), Igreja de Sao Francisco de Assisi. Its an Baroque church that is incredibly grand to look at. I head on inside, and despite not being able photograph inside, its astounding architecture.

Igreja de Sao Francisco de Assisi

I escape the heat in a cafe and try to grab some food, but the power is off and nothing is working. So across the road to grab a ice cream and chill out with a nap.

After my midday nap, I head off down to another great church. On the way I pass by the Museu da Inconfidencia. Just down the road from here is the Theatro Municipal. Its not as grand as the ones in Sao Paulo or Rio, but its small and full of character.

Theatro Municipal

Down the bottom of some seriously steep cobbledstone streets is Matriz Nossa Senhora do Pilar. It has a very bleak facade. Step inside though and you are taken into a lavish church with over 1000 pounds of Gold and 900 pounds of Silver. Its a definite work of art. Its a shame no one can take photos in here.

Gateway to Minas

I head to the Escola de Minas, but it costs a bit to get in, and as interesting as it is I decide I’d rather an Acai than a museum especially after shelling out 20 reais for the churches. Its a shame one can’t take photos in there.

Praca Tiradentes at night

That night, after a cheap burger feed at a small boteco, the street comes alive with Carnival Processions and practices. Its full of massively oversize people and drummers. Its quite a site.  And after a few beers and watching its time for bed.

Carnival Practice

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