Bus to Minas

This is a long and tired slog. I leave touristy Buzios in the afternoon, and return back to Rio’s rodoviario. I settle in for a few hours layover.

The bus terminal is a mini mall (not massive) but there is plenty of shops. I pick up a post card, and try to find a new book (as most hostels seem to have a poor exchange), with no luck. A quick check of emails/flights/how to get from Minas to Itacare and then a nice long wait for the bus.

By the time I hope on to go to Ouro Preto, I’m beat and fall asleep quite quickly. Though I wake up occassionaly to the swaying as the bus winds its way up into the mountains.

Its strange, the bus station is ‘temporary’ in Ouro Preto. And I have literally no idea how to get into Town. I just sit and have a coixinha and coke whilst the sun still awakes. Then hop on a bus to the main Praca. Sadly, the hostel doesn’t open til 7am. So a coffee at the only eatery open and a sit in the square is called on before settling into the hostel.

Museu da Inconfidencia at dawn.

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