An Applauded Sunset

The sun was shining at the beach, and a few rays helped ease the clouds overhead. I thought, bugger this might be the only time I get a sunset in Rio.

So back to the hostel, grab the stuff, and head off. Luke, CJ and I head on down to Copacabana beach and walk along. Only once or twice did we get accosted for narcotics by local vendors. You kind of get used to saying no to these people.

Copacabana Beach. Spent a few hours down here. Read – days.

Through the Parque Garota da Ipanema, and to the headland that juts out from Praia Arproador where there is a huge crowd of people about.

I immediatly go stuff finding a spot up there on the headland, there’s no chance. So I step down onto the rocks next to the praia. Luke follows suit seeing my idea, whilst we lose CJ in the mad scramble. Sunset is just a few minutes away. We had time this pretty well.

The sun sets, and the sky lights up in vivid oranges. It is by far one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in my life. There is something great about just watching the sun close out another day. Its a great feeling.

An amazing scene.

Then something strange occurs. I’ve never had this happen before ever. But the whole headland erupts into raptious applause. Every single one is applauding the sunset that nature put on. A real spine tingling moment.

Sun down. Applause people.

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