A rain soaked hangover

I awake with that familar dry mouth and rotten headache. Standing up to go get breakfast isn’t much better. Its that dizzy walk that makes the short quick downstairs painful.

The morning is spent lazing on the couch downstairs whilst listening to the patter of rain hit the roof. Its just one of those days. And its a sunday, so there isn’t much to do anyway.

At about noon, Steve (the lobster burnt pom) and I make our way over to Feria hippie de Ipanema or the hippy market to us gringos. Its situated on Praca General Osorio. About a block back from the beach.

Surfers take to the small waves.

Its filled with little trinkets, swimming costumes, furniture, paintings, sculptures. And all great quality too. I wish this was the end of my trip, so I could buy some, but its not. So its only a look today. Though it is tempting to buy a painting and send it back. Or one of those leather bean bags.

Sidewalk is empty.

After the feria, I head on back to Copacabana. But first I stop off at Ipanema. Its deserted, rainy, and cloudy. Not the paradise you expect.

Not the paradise you expect.

I stop off at Praia do Arproador. This has an incredible view of Rio’s famous beach. But its not a great view today. There are some surfers out though, admitedly the waves are ok but pretty mushy. And there is no one at the infamous flintstones gym (made of bricks and steel).

Deserted Ipanema.

Rio isn’t always sunshine, beaches, and lollipops. Its a shame, but its weather. Hopefully tomorrow is a bit better.

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