Another rain day….

Another miserable day in somewhere called Paradise. A bit of a wander back around the centro is in order.

I first get off near Cinelandia again, but this time I head towards Lapa and down a dicey looking back street. To one of the most colourful places.

Escadaria Selaron

The Escadaria Selaron is one of the highlights in Rio. A set of stairs is famous? Cmon, you got to be joking right? Not at all.

The stairs.

A crazy Chileno decided to decorate the front of his house with blue, green and white tiles. This turned into the whole row of steps going up his street.

The crazy Chileno.

Its quite awesome, and Selaron himself is out on the steps, actually doing his crazy art work. And cause its ‘rainy’ there isn’t too many people about.

Escadaria Selaron.

Also, if you want, bring a tile, donate it to Selaron (he has a workship half way up the stairs) and he’ll see if he can put it in his living artwork that is constantly growing.

I then head off to the other end of Centro. A huge ass walk. But get to the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. And have every intention to visit its free exhibition. Til I see a trail of humans slinking around every bend and corner, I figure the India exhibition can wait, or I’ll just go there.

I stop off at the Paço Imperial which was used as a house for Colonial Governors and also the King of Brazil. It has an awesome cafe in side with a ridiculously cool cd/book store too. Worth a check out and a caffeine hit.

Paço Imperial.

Back at the hostel, and a quick shower, its downstairs for a bit of grub. And not to mention some Caipirinha’s and Brahma’s. Its not long til I’m heading off with a crazy group of Argentines and Chileans to Lapa.

And considering its a Saturday night, I was expecting this to be quite quiet. Instead its still teeming with people. It’s also not difficult to get a drink. The ingenious carioca’s follow you around with eskys and wheelbarrows filled with your favourite beer.

We stay, and follow this one band who keep pumping out music. They literally just walk up and down the street doing their thing and making people happy with music. It’s quite awesome.

The night slowly starts to turn into the wee hours of the morning, and were making our way back to Copacabana to crash for the evening. We manage to do this by way of a small minibus (sort of like taxi’s but aren’t exactly legal). And stumble in well after 3am.

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