An Australia Day in Rio

While the BBQ’s and tans are frying back in Australia for the day. In Rio, its work as usual. I try to stream into JJJ’s hottest 100. But get over it as the heat outweighs the joys of listening for music.

Forte de Copacabana

And to escape that heat, what does one do. They head to the beach. So off down to Copacabana I go for my first beach experience in Cidada Maravilhosa. Luckily, its only a short walk to the beach (a few blocks).

And I pull up stumps on the beach. The water is fresh and a welcome reprieve from the heat. Its one of those days, where I alternate and between reading my book, enjoying the beautiful people walk by and swimming in the ocean. Not a bad day.

Thats a rebel with a view.

Though the weather starts to turn. And makes it not that nice anymore. So back to the hostel, and I grab my bag and head off to the Forte Copacabana.

The fort is on the headline, that separates Copacabana with Ipanema. And a prime position looking across the bay to Pao de Acuçar. It costs a R$6 so its not too bad.

The bunker.

The forte isn’t a lot. Its got a few fortified structures. And you can stand ontop of the Forte and see off in both directions. Its no big loss if you don’t visit, but an afternoon watching out over the bay is not a bad sight.

The Favela’s soar into the mountainside here.

Back down at the hostel, dinner was served and chowed down upon. And resulted in a few beverages being consumed with the myriad of Argentinian’s that seem to bombard Brazil. It’s not an absolute crazy night, and there isn’t another Australian in sight. Nonetheless, its still a pretty interesting night.

The Icons. Flag and Pao de Acucar.

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