And off to Rio.

And with an early morning breakfast, a bus ticket booked and a quick swim. Its time to bid Paraty farewell and head onto Cidade Maravilhosa.

Yes, Rio de Janeiro.

The bus ride leaves at about 12ish, and takes a good 6 hours, flirting with the Costa Verde. I fall asleep for most of it. My body has now realised that buses mean sleep, so once I’m onboard, I’m sleeping like a baby.

Then a shutter as we hit the snarling traffic of the Zona Oeste of Rio. And past a few ‘shady looking’ motels (those pay by the hour ones) and some dodgy looking suburbs.

And then to the bus station which was also in a ‘rough’ neighbourhood’. Oh well. I go to grab the ‘muito barato’ bus. But I see an airconditioned bus, and jump on it. It wasn’t too bad, for 6 reais (about 3 AUD). Except it got packed after hitting Centro.

Another city, another hostel. I’m staying at El Misti Copacabana. Which is right out the front of a hospital (so at least safe right?). Unfortunately, the dorm looks rather scummy.

There’s still a bit of sun left in the sky. So I venture on down to Copacabana Beach. Even though its getting dark, there is a hive of activity going on – people jogging, biking, playing football and still people swimming. But I start to get hungry and go back for some dinner.

The hostel is fairly sociable. Theres a fridge full of beer (2 reais for a beer) and a barman (who will make caipirinhas for you). And everyone sits about and drinks. Til about 12 when they need to be a bit more quiet. So its out to the streets of Rio.

Well, more specifically, Copacabana. And we venture to a Kiosk. A lot of Kiosks seem to be open, even late into the night. We pull up a seat and order a round of beers. Then we see a comical roller skater dancing on a cardboard mat to Michael Jackson songs. Only in Brazil.

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