Pirates of Paraty.

Breakfast here is served on the beach. You cannot go wrong with that. Even if the beach is less than idyllic and has a few groms running about learning how to swim. The hostel puts on an ok breakfast (standard Brasileiro fair).

One of the many churches in Historical Paraty.

I go for a wander into Paraty. But after walking to the ATM, I decide against it. And head back to the beach, via the ‘recommended’ Sabor da Terra in the guidebook, and its alright, but nothing scintillating. A bog-standard ‘por quilo’ restaurant. But bog standard is also pretty good value and filling.

Streets of Paraty.

The beach that I go to, is right out the front of the hostel. Location is excellent. And I read and swim as the heat fires into overdrive. There is a slight problem when swimming though. The dredger for the channel chucks a huge amount of sand/mud onto the beaches water. This in turn, settles on top to make the beach experience not so great.

As the sun starts to set, I head off into Paraty’s cobble stoned streets. There are plenty of great photo opportunities as the sun sets. The cobble stone streets are pretty uneven too, so you get a pretty darn good work out walking on them. Note to others: wear something other than thongs – they are also damn slippery at times.

Dusk over Paraty.

After that, I grab a few Brahmas from the store, and set up shop to watch the sunset over the Canal and Histroical Paraty. The backdrop is impressive for the sunset, its just a bit of a letdown photowise.


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