Adeus Sampa.

A tinge of sadness, and its time to pack my things and leave. But first, the Martins are surprising me with a brasileiro do churrascaria. A very simple concept but its superb.

The idea is that you just pay the set price. Take a seat, then go get some salads. You probably don’t want to get too many salads if you like your meat.

Then waiters come around with big skewers of various meats. And all you need to do is say sim or nao (yes or no). And if you say yes, they put a bit on your plate. There is also a small sign on the table saying yes or no.

Its an absolute smorgasboard. I love it. The meat is cooked to perfection and is delicioso. Its one of those “Oh my god” type feasts.

Not only do you get All you can eat meat and salads. But there is a huge selection of desserts. All I can say is that it is a definite thing to try here.


Sadly, the Martin’s wouldn’t let me pay. I feel a bit bad about this. Their hospitality over the last few days has been amazing, and this just takes the cake. To be honest, thats a true indication of many Brasilian families. They will look after you and look after you as good as your own family.

The Martins. Amazing Family.

Afterwards, they drop me off at the bus station. And I spend the next 6 hours on a bus. With a fat stomach and passing by with a heap of music that Fe put on my ipod.

I arrive late in the evening to Parati or Paraty. Head to the hostel (El Misti) and then crash as my gut is hating me.

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