Bohemian Asian

A rainy and drizzly Saturday greets us. The hangover isn’t too bad. And the ‘cool’ temperature helps a bit too. We set off for Liberdade – the home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. And a considerable amount of Chinese and Koreans.

The Torii gate in Liberdade.

The streets are filled with lantern-esqe street lights and tonnes of asian food stores. It’s like a little Japan/Asia in Brazil. Its a different scene. Something you don’t see everyday.

Streets in Liberdade.

We then run into a little street festival. And then realise, its the Chinese New Year. So we wander the streets. Eat food. And stalk the markets. Fe points out a kid getting his head shaved – aparently its a ritual when you graduate or get into uni (not sure of which one it is).

It’s a little packed, so we ditch. And hit the metro. A few stops later, and we’re at the end of the line. The bohemian quarter of Vila Madalena. What isn’t said to me is the ‘hike up’ hill that we have to do. Thanks Fe!

Brigadeiro. Nothing Sweeter.

The suburb is full of hip and happening bars. We grab an ice cream (pay by the weight – I have to learn not to put so much on). And then head off in search of Brigadeiro and Coffee.

Playing tour guide is tough. So Fe has some caffeine.

And we end up at one of the coolest cafe’s I’ve ever been in – The Coffee Lab. Its small and its very cool. Its also incredibly packed – which can only mean its damn good. Not to mention all the barista’s are running around in actually lab suits. How cool.

This street is awesome.

We order, well Fernanda does. And its not long before our coffee arrives and so does the Brigadeiro. Now brigadeiro is like a small chocolate bon bon. This one comes in a little shot glass and is perhaps the sweetest chocolate I’ve had. But it goes well with the cafe com leche and is a definite pick me up.


After our flirtation with sweets we head off in search of another part of Vila Madalena. A more underground movement, that of the graffiti artist. Well just a street full of vivid graffiti will suffice. There is a whole street here that has some outrageous graffiti. Its rather amazing.

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