Sunny Sao Paulo. Sort of.

After picking up a new pair of Havaiana’s (my 2nd pair in Brazil in less than a month). I head off to Parque Ibirapuera. Its basically Central Park but in Sao Paulo.

Speed Kills.

The bus drops me off a bit of a walk from the park. So its a walk in the sunshine to the South-Western corner. And then enter.

The park has everything anyone outdoorsy needs. There are free gym set ups, basketball courts, football games and a range of paths. Its rather refreshing seeing grass, trees and the like in a city. Laying down on it is just a great way to relax.

Slide it.

I venture on, and spot a hill with some long board skaters. I get out the 35mm lens and snap away. Experimenting with different shutter speeds. And then the zoom comes out for a bit of a play too.

This is like a national past time here.

Its then further on up a big hill, and past a few museums. Then it starts to bucket down. So I seek some solace underneath a huge building. Where there are a ton of skateboarders. And I repeat the above process and decide I’ll take some photos.

The sun somewhat shines, briefly, so I set out and go visit the Auditorio Ibirapuera. Which is a weird shaped auditorium. Before realising its going to pour down any minute. So get the hell out and catch a bus.

Auditorio Ibirapuera.

Which turns out to be the wrong bus. It takes me in the wrong direction of where I’m meant to be going. Oh shit. I wander around and stumble on a metro station. All’s saved! I get back to Fe’s reasonably easily. And only got a little wet from the usual ‘downpour’.

In the guts of Auditorio Ibirpuera.

Its friday night, so after a bit of food we head out. At the early time of 12 midnight. Hey, its early by South American standards. And we meet up with one of Fernanda’s friends and hit up Rua Augusta for a night out.

I had wandered down Augusta before, but on a friday night, its packed to the rafters. There is hardly any room to move. And we continue to keep walking, and walking and walking. Until we find a bar and drink beers while discussing. We don’t venture to any clubs. Just sit back and let the beer slide down the throat.

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