Aqui é Corinthians!!

Buses here can be confusing for a foreigner (locals seem to get by easily). I struggle to get the right bus. Then I have absolutely no idea where to get off. Until I see a big stadium to my right. Urgently I press the button and try to push my way to the back of the bus to exit.

Estadio do Pacaembu.

The getting to the back of the bus was harder than getting onto the bus!

Football is massive in South America. In Brasil its more a way of life. And in Sao Paulo, there is a museum dedicated to football. And I’m walking up Estadio do Pacaembu. Its looks like a very old school stadium.

Museu do Futbol.

Underneath the stadium is where the action is at! There I find the Museu do Futbol. I go up to buy an entry ticket, but am given entry gratis. Stoked. I pick up a guided tour for free too and off I go.

The foyer.

The museum is different to most museums you find in stadiums. The ones you find at La Bombanero in Buenos Aires or at Camp Nou in Barcelona. Nope, this has no real ties to a team. Its more of a celebration of Brazilian football.

The history of Brasilian football.

The museum is incredibly fascinating and shows a range of things from World Cups to local football. A highlight was actually seeing Pele’s famous 10. It is definitely worth the trip here. Its also highly interactive, theres kick a goal and a 3D section too.

Pele’s Jersey. Sadly, no impotence commercial in sight.

Afterwards, Fe picks me up and we go searching. Shes on the hunt for a random fruit called Mangostin. It’s even elusive here in Brazil cause we go to a few supermarkets and no one seems to have it. Though after about 40 minutes we do find it and head back to Fernandas near Av Paulista. We spend the rest of the evening eating and researching Mangostin. As Fe wants to present it as an idea to her company.

Mangostin – we searched for this so long. Image from

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