Snake Goggles.

After the usual cheap all you can eat buffet. Its seriously that good. I head off in the direction of Butanta (end of the Linha do Amarelo). The new subway line is incredible and fast. And gets me there quickly.

The Anaconda – one of the first exhibits.

As I walk out of the station though, the winds pick up, the rain thrashes down and my umbrella gets the wind knocked out of it. Not to mention the lightening that occurs. I brave the thought of getting stuck and walk the 1-2km down the road.

The Viper.

And I end up at a paradise for anyone who loves snakes or biology or biomedicine. The Instituto Butantan. This is a part of the Secretary of Health in Sao Paulo.

Snakes alive.

I’m quite fond of snakes. I have a fascination with them. I guess growing up in Australia we are surrounded by them – though I’ve never gone to actually owning one. So when I read about this place in the guidebook. I thought it was a must.

And scorpions!

Walking into the Biology Museum is where all the creepy crawlers are. Its a bit old and could do with an update. But inside, it doesn’t really transpose.


Inside the exhibits are all very well maintained and incredibly real. Because apparently “Happy snakes make move venom”. Highly reassuring. There is an myriad of snakes in here. All types – snakes that are brightly coloured to those that you have to search to find in the exhibit.

The good thing is that its not just snakes here. There are scorpions and spiders as well. Not to mention some lizards too.

Though a definite highlight was seeing my first Anaconda. There is something just so mythical and ginormous. They take my breath away – sadly I don’t get a chance to see them in the wild this trip.

After being wowed by snakes and creepy crawlies, I head on over to the Museum of Microbiology. Its a huge science lab with information all in Portuguese. But its rather interesting and I get a few bits and bobs.

On my way out, the scientist – come – guide asks if I speak portuguese or english, than hands me a big folder containing all the relevant information. And I am in nerd heaven. I spend at least an hour or two wandering about. Its awesome.

Leaving the Butanta Institute I head back to my hostel and then meet up with Fernanda to try one of Sao Paulo’s other delights. Pizza.

We walk down Rua Augusta (the area’s main night life street) and find O Pedaco da Pizza. You get a choice of pizza, or choices, but its just massive big slices. Its a bit of a ‘hole in the wall’ place. And the pizza is pretty good (nothing compared to Italian Pizza). But it fills me up. We discuss what my plans are, as my time in the city is nearly up, and Fe offers for me to stay at hers instead of the hostel. And thats it, we say Tchau and back to the hostel I go.

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