A guided tour…

The Lonely Planet Brazil Guide Book has a walking tour for Sao Paulo in it. Its focused on the historical or centro part of Sampa. And Fernanda suggested I take the tour. And so I attempt to do it. I have done a few of these in other cities but sometimes they aren’t great.

The Caetano de Campos in Praça Republica.

I start off at Praça da Republica right in the heart of the centro. There is a massive big yellow building the Caetano de Campos.It was a high school, its now the Department of Education. The Plaza itself seems a little run down (as does much of the inner city).

Edificio Italiano.

Right at the end of the Plaza is a big tall building (one of the tallest here – which is an effort considering its home to a lot of them) the Edificio Italiano. Continuing on, we go past the Library (has the largest collection of books in the city) and head to the rather classical Teatro Municipal. Its an impressive building – its a shame I cannot see the inside.

Theatro Municipal.

Onward, over the Viaduto de Cha which heads over the Parque Anhangabau which means “Demons Valley”. And snake around to the massive Catedral da Se. Its not a bad church on the inside. The outside looks a bit neo-gothic but its worth the gander inside. Though there are some characters about the praça outside.

Catedral de Se.

After this its past the Solar da Marquesa and the important Praca Pateo do Cologio. Why is it so important? Well it was here that Sao Paulo was founded in 1554.

Patio do Colego – where Sampa was founded.

We head up near Sao Bento and the Monastery there before jutting into the ‘business’ district. And I go to head up the Banespa building. Though sadly its past 4. So they won’t let me up.

I do find probably one of the prettiest churches in the city on my return to Praca da Republica. And thats the Igreja de Nossa Rosario dos Homens Pretos. Which is a strange yellow colour, but the juxtaposition of it with the buildings around it are incredibly interesting.

The streets here remind me a lot of Lisboa.

I finish off at the Galeria do Rock. A hugh multi-level shopping centre. Its not the normal shopping centre that are strewn about Sampa. Its filled with alternative stores with skate shops, tattoo parlours, music stores, and alternative clothing. Its rather cool to see such a shopping centre.

Galeria do Rock – an alternative shoppers paradise.

I do swing by the ‘corner’. And no its not where the infamous ladies of the night reside but where Caetano Veloso’s ode to the city Sampa was immortalised.

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