Mercado Sunday

A stop start trip on the Subway has us off at Sao Bento train station. The weather gods must have sensed we were coming because as soon as we got off, it starts to pour down. We get a little lost (well Fernanda does) but at least she can speak Portuguese and we get moving again.

Facade of the Mercado.

We then make it upon the Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo. The Mercado is a rather large building and looks a bit ‘dull’ from the outside.

The ‘art like’ fruit line. Taste testing can be done. And yes, its as good as it looks (coming from someone who doesn’t like fruits much).

However, its inside that we’ve come to see. Its jostling with activity. Paulistanos are here by the busload. Its a bevvy of colours. The fruit stands are like a work of art. And we get to taste some of the exotic fruit.

Fe taste testing.

There is every kind of food here. All fresh produce. Its definitely impressive.

Up on the 2nd tier is the cafe section. This is where I get to try two Sampa specialities – The Mortadella Sandwich (Sanduiche de Mortadella) and Pasteis de Bachaleu. That is after we find an actually seat and table – every table seems to be occupied.

The Pasteis de Bachaleu is a very Portuguese style dish. Its fish (which the portuguese love! Actually its cod) and deep fried (I think). But it tastes pretty good. Its the size of a normal dinner plate but, absolutely massive. And you could probably have just this for lunch, however its just the ‘appetizer’.

Pastel de Bachaleu. A worthy appetiser.

The Sanduiche de Mortadella is a Sao Paulo speciality. I thought the Pastel was big. But the Sandwich is ginormous. You think like most places they’d skimp on the fillings. Nope not here! The thing is piled high with Mortadella, Cheese and Bacon! Its a struggle to fit in the mouth – you either need a double jointed jaw or be a porn star to fit it in. But it tastes so divine that its no wonder it’s so popular!

Sanduiche de Mortadella! Probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had. Subway pick up your game!

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