A food coma set in after those Mortadella Sandwiches so we head to nearby Luz. Its not a far walk at all.

Esacao Luz.

The first thing we check out is the Estação da Luz is a pretty important train station as it serves a few different lines for Sao Paulo’s metro system. It is also the oldest and possibly busiest in the city too. Though we see it on a Sunday afternoon, when there isn’t too many people about. Its pretty dead, but its wonderfully restored to its original splendour. The outside sort of reminds me of Central Station in Sydney (sort of).

Estacao Luz – its got a very British feel to it. Surprisingly, its all from British materials.

There is an interesting Museum in the Station but. And if your interested in the Portuguese Language than you should have this on your agenda. The Museu da Lingua Portuguesa is actually a rather fascinating museum. Its really hands on and interactive. Although, having to always ask what something means and being told things is kind of frustrating (note to self: learn portuguese).

Portuguese Language Museum.

The Portuguese Language Museum.

Across the road from the Station is Pinacoteca do Estado. Its a small, chilled out art museum with some interesting art works. But I think I’m still in a massive food coma and need a good lie down to help digest that massive sandwiche, and thats exactly what I do.

I’m glad we don’t have to carry these around! This is inside the Pinacoteca.

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