Green in Sao Paulo

Its a rainy Sunday night. So what else is there to do but meet up with Fernanda and head to an Irish Pub. Yup, doesn’t matter where you go in the world – Ushuaia, London, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Cusco – you will find an Irish Pub not far away.

Clubs and Pubs in Brazil can be a bit different to the rest of the world. A lot are a ‘cashless’ system.

Cashless? So its free? Nope, I wish, otherwise I would of gotten a lot drunker than I did.

No cashless means you get given a card at the start of the night (could be electronic or a bit of paper). You order a drink, and the card gets scanned. At the end of the night (or morning) and upon leaving, you pay the amount you had on the card at the booths. And then leave.

And don’t even think ‘losing’ your card is going to get you free drinks. If you lose your card, you generally have to pay a set amount ($100 or so).

Its a strange system, and it could get me into a lot of trouble. Though the fact the pub sold Coopers Pale Ale (it was 20 reais – so I only had one 10 dollar beer) should of been the first sign I’d be in trouble. But its not a bad evening drinking Brahma and listening to a bad cover band.


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