Leaving day.

Today’s the day, that I finally have to leave this place. But I’m sure I’ll be back before you know it. I try to book a bus ticket, but that pesky CPF number gets in the way. I do try to book a ticket through the reception at the hostel, but its not taking my card (god damn you mastercard!!).

The rocks of Florianopolis.

*CPF is like a Tax number for Brazil. And is needed for almost everything and can be utterly annoying at times.

Anyway, I decide to get over this, by going to the beach for some last minute action. However, I decide to ditch the beach and keep walking along. About 20 minutes later, you hit a set of fantastic rocks that create a headland of sorts.

The rocks of Florianopolis.

Its a great sight the only problem is that its littered with every man and his dog. I guess everyone has the same idea! So its time to head off after a few pictures are snapped, and stop off at the little praia before making sure I’ve got everything. And then partake in a little ‘por quilo com churascaria’ which tingles the taste buds.

I take the ‘fast’ bus over to Florianopolis. And by fast, I mean I don’t have to transfer. It costs about $5 reais. And is airconditioned. It still takes 1.5-2 hours to actually get to Florianopolis. And then time to try to book a bus ticket to one of the biggest cities in the world. Unfortunately, all the ‘good’ buses are full (those ones that nearly fully recline). So I’m stuck in a convencional bus.

The rocks of Florianopolis.

It doesn’t leave for a while, so its time to grab a bit and wait it out. Board the bus, and try to get some sleep.

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