Famous in Brazil

At the breakfast table, I’m enrolled in an excursion on mopeds (they have 5 people and needed an extra person. So I agree. I didn’t have any other plans apart from go to the beach.

Though somewhere in between this, a television crew came into the hostel. They come in and ask everyone a few questions like its nothing else, then pick the 2 prettiest girls to be interviewed. I am however, in the background of the video being an absolute twat. You can see the video (its in Portuguese so hopefully you are fluent) here.

After our little cameo for Brasilian television debut, we headed out to the hire place. Where for the low, low price of 90 reais each we got a scooter for the day.

Then we all got lost. I mean one pair got lost and we had no idea where the hell the were. A few minutes riding about the streets of Barra da Lagoa and we eventually find them (its not like there are many streets here). And we’re off.

It doesn’t take us long to wind up at our first stop, Ingeles near Praia Dos. After dropping off the occupant, I decide to get the scooter out of the way by putting it up onto the footpath. Sadly, I fail. Bumping into the wall. A quick look at the bike and it seems fine. We head off down to the beach to check it out. Though its high tide and fairly bland for Brazilian standards, we do have some lunch.

Our first ‘beach’. It was high tide and not really worth it. Praia Dos.

Then we high tail it. Out and up a bloody steep hill. One that makes our small little scooter putt and chugg its way up. Though the next beach is a bit more popular, that of Praia Brava. And theres a few waves about. Its a good hour or so, before we pack it up and hit the tarmac for some more rubber burning.

The scooter gang at Praia Brava.

We end up somewhere near a collection of high end sports cars,  luxury apartments and fancy clubs and restaurants. The weather is turning to sod, but its full of ‘glamourous’ people. This was the a place called Jurerê internacional, a place for the rich and famous.

An island just of Jurere Internacional.

Somewhere, the leader of our group decides to take a wrong turn. This makes us go into the township of Florianopolis. This is a bit of a nightmare – traffic and scooters on the wrong side of the road. Its a little hairy for the person on the back and I get a fair few nails from cars going close by.

Though we navigate it pretty well and end up going back over to Barra da Lagoa. And making it back safely, before it starts to rain.

A nighttime shot of Barra da Lagoa. Just wish the sky was a little brighter.

The hostel is full, as usual, but the weather makes it kind of a bum night. Its mainly spent around the hostel bar, taking in free caipirinha’s and plenty of brahma’s.

A Brasileiro sunset.

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