Something different, but not that different

At breakfast I run into Michel (Mike) and Benny, they off on a hike over to Praia Mole. I decide to invite myself an actually do something today.

The hike up the hill, you get rewarded with some pretty great views.

There are two ways to get to Mole, you can go the easy route and take the bus. Or you can hike. Which is what we did. The trail head to the hike is pretty easy to find, after the foot bridge, take the right and keep following the path.

Views like this. “A boa vida”.

The path isn’t steep at all, and its quite an easy walk up. And its not long til we’re at the top and greeted by glorious views of Barra de Lagoa. Things are all flat and downhill from here, except for that brief ‘downpour of rain’.

Can you tell I’m happy to be here.

So wearing thongs (flip flops for you yankees) was ultimately a bad idea at this point. Mainly due to the fact that my thongs were actually blowing out on multiple times. Thank god I’m in Brazil and they’re cheaper here than back home.

The, ahem, nude beach.

We arrive at some sand, and its a bit overcast. Not to mention a bit ‘naked’. This was the nude beach of the area, so we continued to high tail it out of the old, naked guy beach and headed to Praia Mole.

This beach goes for a fair while, its got some distance. But it wasn’t more than about 50m from the headland before we decide “fuck it, it’s time to get wet”. And a dump of our belongings and a dive into the water. Nothing beats a hangover more than this. We sit, watch and drink a beer. Or in Mike’s case a cocktail – Michelle really wants to be a girl.

We head up to the more popular end of the beach where everyone is situated. And plonk our butts down on a seat (about 5 reais for hire) and spend the afternoon taking in the scenery, enjoying the booze and not to mention going for the occassional swim. Before we see the storm clouds start to gather and bail.

Benny enjoying the many sights the beach has to offer.

I guess sights like this.

Back at the hostel, and after a shower, everyone meets at the bar for the mandatory Caipirinha’s that the hostel puts on for free each night. And to enjoy a few cervejas. Somewhere along the line Benny convinces us that the ‘beach party’ will be a great idea.

And it is. Well so it would seem. The party is down on Praia Mole, a return to the days previous activities. Theres a few people here, and it seems to be fun. A big fire, a few guitars and a dj deck. And you cannot forget the bar.

As I’m lining up at the bar, the heavens open up. It literally pours down. Everyone is scrambling for the best cover position. Theres a small shack where everyone is trying to cover down from, and after standing for a bit, Mike and I decide to bail and find somewhere with more cover. We find a small little ‘store’ where they were doing repairs at night. But where quite happy to keep feeding us drinks.

The sky clears up and we head back down to the fire to warm up, grab some drinks and continue on with the party. Alls going well, til it decides to double down again. This time I just go straight for the bar with the repairs and a few others are deciding the same thing. We probably spend an hour at the ‘bar’ whilst its still raining, it starts to dry up a bit, but we bail and head back to the hostel.

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