Routine Develops

Ilha de Santa Catarina is an island where you can develop a routine. And waste away days and days. And today is one of those days.

The island has these awesome rock formations. I managed to do a bit of sightseeing on my ‘routine day’.

Its a standard routine. Get up and grab some breakfast. Followed by a quick morning dip at the beach. Come back to the hostel and kip in the hammock reading a book. Then down to the beach every so often to hit the water. I like to call this “A Boa Vida“.

It’s sunday, so that means its BBQ dinner at the hostel. And with the chef extraordinaire cooking an array of meats on the asado, all we need to do is enjoy the Caipirinha’s and the Brahma’s before its all ready. It’s a bit of a Churrascaria (without the fancy waiters) and we dig in for some quality meat.

Santa Catarina.


The rest of the evening is spent sinking as much Brahma and Caipirinha’s as possible. Til the bar shuts at the hostel. Then its the mandatory walk up to Mona Lisa’s which is the only bar open past 12 in these parts.

Benny Boy enjoying Caipirinha’s….real manly of you mate.

Can’t really say I was manly either, but by god Caipirinha’s are great.

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