A new country.

Pulling into Florianopolis was a shock. I didn’t expect such a big metropolis when I came for beaches. But thats exactly what Florianopolis is – a massive city that is the gateway to Ilha de Santa Catarina.

On the bus, Marjo and I, met two brits (Adam and Jen) and we make our way across to Barra de Lagao. After a pit stop at the ATM to pick up some Brasilian Reaisas there are no atm’s on the other side of the island. And then it’s onto what I call the local bus from hell.

This convenient ride across to Barra de Lagao takes nearly two hours. Looking at the map, you wonder how? Well, the Island itself is easy to navigate, but during summer its holiday time. That means everyone is going to the beach, so traffic is horrible. And secondly, there was a bus change in there (you need two buses to get over there).

Once in Barra, we split off. Marjo to her hostel (Hilltop hostel), Adam and Jen (find an apartment) and myself to my hostel (Backpackers Sharehouse – the one with the big Moto on it). And we decide to meet up at 3 to hit the beach. Though I completely and utterly forget that we moved forward an hour – so they all end up coming to get me at my hostel.

Its then down to the beach for an afternoon. For some good old fashioned beach action. Its absolutely packed but. People are everywhere. But I cannot complain after being down in Patagonia for a month. We do enjoy a few Brahmas on the beach.

One thing I do notice is the prominence of the Fio Dental. Or the teeny-weeny bikini’s that are famous. And its seems everyone – mums, old ladies, pregnant ladies, and hot girls are all wearing them. Every female seems to be in them.

After our beach adventures we head off, buy a lot of meat, and then its off to clean up, shower and get ready for our first night in Brazil. We head over to Adam and Jen’s little apartment they’ve rented and get stuck into Vino, Rum and Beer. Not to mention some fairly decent steak.

Once all the alcohol is had, we head off to the most happening bar in town. Which is only Mona Lisa’s – a bar that is right on a secluded beach. And there are heaps of people about, cheap Caipirinha’s and a beach bar! Things got a little crazy – a midnight swim occurred – which may or may not have included no clothes. But hey, it was fun at the time.

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