This is the New Year and its onto a new frontier.

New Years Day…geez, its meant to be the new beginning of the new year. But god it feels like crap. We awake at about 4. And then start to get everything together. Before setting off to the bus station.

Back in Retiro and its off to find a few bus companies that do the run to Puerto Iguazu. They all have the same price, so we just eeny, meeny, miny, moe it. We end up on a bus company called Expresso Singer. And then head back to the hostel via McDonalds. One of those terrible ideas you get when you are struggling with a mighty hangover (or probably still drunk). And crashing out.

The next day, is all about doing menial tasks: Updating photos, replying to emails, booking hostels, and stocking up some food/drinks for the bus ride to Puerto Iguazu (as it takes about 18 hours).

At Retiro, we patiently wait til the bus comes, and at our scheduled departure time, well it doesn’t show. Another late bus from Buenos Aires. I wonder to myself if this happens regularly. But then I wake up to myself and realise I am in South America and its rare for it to be on time.

As for the bus ride itself, well its fairly boring and standard affair. You get used to doing bus rides. I wouldn’t say “used to” but you deal with it, and have the things you do to pass it by. I read my book (which actually is rather captivating – Kite Runner for all you book-a-philes out there). And sleep.

We arrive at about 1pm in Puerto Iguazu. And I’m a little disjointed. A lack of sleep, the humidity and heat all make myself a tad unaware of my surroundings. Marjo heads off on the local bus to her “Fancy Hostel” which is out of town, whilst I head down to Timbo Posada (a small little hostel) not far from the hostel.

I meet a few Canucks and the rest of the day is spent chilling at the pool. Yes, the hostel has a pool. And even despite the cleaness being somewhat sceptical, its still refreshing in this heat.

There isn’t much to do in Puerto Iguazu, as far as museums and sights. Well apart from the obvious star attraction on the border (which all and sundry come to visit). But in town itself, its very laidback and not a lot happening. But we head off up to one of the main ‘attractions’ of the town.

The Brasilian side of the Triple Frontier.

Walking to the triple frontieris eye opening. I’m used to walking in Patagonia wilderness, but up here its tropical and the dirt a bright red colour. But the Triple Frontier is a sight where the 3 countries of Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay all connect on the Rio Paraná and Rio Iguazu meet.

Tres Fronteras. Paraguay on the left and Brasil on the right viewed from Argentina.

The rivers meet at a bit of speed (not surprising given whats just up the Rio Iguazu), and its a sight you don’t see in to many places. Each side has a landmark painted in the national colours.

I’m all class – Boardshorts and thongs. I did just spend the day in the pool but.

The way back takes us back through the town, I stop off at the big I and grab a bit of information on buses out to the Brasileiro side of the falls. And meet the Canucks back at the hostel to get our little asado going. And a few cold cold Brahma’s.

One last Argentine Asado.

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