La Boca Revisted

La Boca, colourful La Boca. I’ve already visited La Boca. But hey, why not go again. And Marjo would like to go and do something ‘touristy’ as she kind of spent her last time in BA doing a lot of Partying.

A boca Landmark – El Puente Transbordador.

And seeing as we’re not far, we decide to walk. Which works out well at first. But then quickly get lost. And Boca isn’t a place you want to be walking with a female and a few thousand dollars worth of camera gear in your bag. Lucky for us, we ask a Portena how to go, and instead of telling us, she decides to walk us there.

A determined little Gaucho. One of the touristy ‘shows’.

Boca is  a great place for some colourful photos. It’s a bit more livelier than my last visit here. More people on the streets and more ‘impromptu’ tango shows. And by impromptu, I mean restaurant shows. So not great. But its still cool to walk around and spot things that I didn’t see on the first time here.

Which one do I choose?

Though, about halfway through our visit Marjo decides she wants to get some Llama feet warmers or socks. I’m oblivious to what these are (and until you go to Bolivia/Peru you will be too). So the rest of the time in Boca is spent finding these. We eventually find a pair (shopping with girls always takes longer than expected).

Maradona looks out to La Boca.

A hop onto the bus and we head into the Microcentre and to a little street of Av Cordoba. Where there are a tonne of used camera stores about. She went used, as new camera’s were ridiculously priced (electronics in Argentina are very expensive). But we don’t make a purchase and head back for lunch.

After lunch (sandwiches and salad) Marjo heads off to go buy a camera whilst I go and snooze for a bit.

After dinner, and a few drinks at the hostel. We get promised a boat cruise with free booze by a few Aussie lads. So into the taxi we go, and a 100 pesos later (it took an age to get there) we arrive at a Port somewhere north and then board the boat for a cruise around Tigre at night.

Its a boozy affair. You thought dancing drunk was hard, try dancing drunk whilst on a boat thats bobbing up and down. Tough stuff. There are a few near casualties. That is I nearly fall head over ass trying to cut a rug on the d-floor.

The night doesn’t end well for Marjo who passes out about an hour from port. On the back of the boat. Lights come up and we’re shuffled off the boat. I immediately thing its going to take an effort, but Marjo grabs a taxi quickly. And it gets us back to the hostel as the sun pokes its head on the last day of the year.

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