A change of hostels

Its off to a new hostel today. And I’m glad to get out of the dump that is Palermo House .It looks cool, and it seems to have a good vibe, but 25 pesos for shit beer, cockroaches in the showers, and terrible beds. Well it was never going to be good there.

The old cranes. They are purely decoration now and are not in use.

I head off early in the morning on the Subte to San Telmo and find the hostel with relative ease. Marjo (A friend I met last time here and did the W circuit with) organised for the two of us to stay here. I get set up and chill out til the girl rocks up. She’s in need of a few things (camera, lock and havaiana’s). So we set off through San Telmo. A brief stop off at Starbucks for a Dulce de Leche Frappe (anyone who knows me, will agree I hate starbucks. Butttt a dulce de leche frappe is delightful). And then we head off, drinks in hand down defensa towards Avenida Florida. And we cruise up and down trying to find her things. We fail, miserably on the camera front. They are ridiculously priced for not so good cameras. I get a call from Victoria about meeting up in Puerto Madero for some afternoon fun. So I bid farewell to Marjo and go down.

The Punta Mujeres. Or Woman’s Bridge to us english speaking folk.

Its all a bit confusing, and but we eventually find each other. We settle down for a some food, some chat and a decent view. Puerto Madero is kind of the new area of town. Its got new skyscrapers and a redesigned port area. Though, everything here is a bit pricey, its good for an afternoon walk. And hey the view at sunset isn’t too bad either. I say Hasta Luego to Victoria and Ale. And get back to cook up a storm with Marjo. For about 20 pesos, we get a nice thick juicy steak each and some salad. It goes down a treat.

A few ‘interesting’ characters doing a photoshoot.

Steak here is unbelievable, especially if you know how to cook a steak right. There isn’t a need to go out and eat at a Parilla and pay a high price. Wine is the same. Its super cheap at the supermercado. Yes, you dont get the ‘atmosphere’ but you get your own atmosphere at the hostel. Well its a quiet one, and we just talk and catch up over wine and beer.

A sunset. Worthy?

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