A catch up with the two dutchies

Boxing day is missing from this blog. Thats cause, well not much happened. Literally, I chilled down to the parks of Palermo. And chilled out.

Today, however, I’m meeting up with Jorien and Eva at the Museo de Bella Artes. It’s a fair walk, and I get there a tad early. So set up shop on the steps and wait. I forgot that girls are always late. I’ve already been in here, so I decide to get some much needed Vitamin D and chill out in the nearby park whilst they go explore the Museum.

Eva got my best view whilst we chilled in the park. Photo courtesy of Eva and Jorien.

Though, they take awhile, they decide to also do the same. The sun is a god send. After spending the month in Patagonia, its great to get proper sun.

We then head back to their hostel in San Telmo. By foot. I immediately regret this decision. Palermo to San Telmo doesn’t look far on the map, but to walk there. Thats crazy.  But we do stop off at the Carre Four. Apparently I’m making Rissoles for the girls for dinner.

The dinner goes down pretty well. All I can say is that I’m an incredible chef. Not really, but these aren’t exactly hard to stuff up. I head off, and head back to my hostel for a few drinks. Victoria rings me up at about 12 and tells me where going to have drinks in Plaza Serrano.

A feast fit for 3. Photo courtesy of Jorien and Eva.

I head to the front of the hostel to wait, but I guess things don’t go to plan when a clucky bird decides to shoot its pay load over my arm/shirt. A quick clean up fixes it all, but its still fairly shit. Pardon the pun. We pull up at a bar and have a few bottles of beer. The big ones. Before calling it a night.

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