Feliz Navidad!

We all kind of miss Christmas Morning. Everyone is asleep. Its not til midday that any of us wake up. Its a strange feeling, its not a common occurance on the morning of christmas. I’m usually woken up by the mum to unwrap presents in a painful hangover state.

The feast being prepared by Masterchef Andrew. Photo courtesy of Jorien and Eva.

After we all emerge, we tuck into some of the leftovers. And then I’m introduced to Mate. I have heard of Mate before but I am yet to actually try it. To me, it seems more of a tradition, than something enjoyable. But its a good way to spend the afternoon.

Salt Lickers minus Anna. Photo courtesy of Jorien and Eva.

Vicky and her brother drop me off at Palermo House in Palermo. And its kind of a dive. Terribly so. The beds suck. But logging onto facebook, I get a message from Andrew (a fellow traveller from Bariloche) and I head over to enjoy a christmas dinner with fellow backpackers – the dutchies.

Crazy Dutchie and I. Photo Courtesy of Jorien and Eva.

I hop onto the Subte, and get off near El Obelisco. Its a strange sight walking down Avenida 9 de Julio (one of the widest streets you’ll ever see) without a car or people is almost apocalyptic. Its dead bar a few 24 hour kiosks. I realise I have to buy some sort of beverages of the alcoholic variety. I find one store that has 2 large Quilmes cans and snap them up quickly. Then find a Vino store, and grab a bottle of Malbec.

I really have no idea what I’m doing here. Probably making her feel taller. Photo courtesy of Jorien and Eva.

At Birgit’s house, Andrew’s already cooking up a storm. And so we wait til the food is cooked. And enjoy the good company, and the good wine. The meal is a mixture of lamb with a heap of vegetables all roasted together. It’s pretty god damn nice.

Christmas Dinner is served. Photo courtesy of Jorien and Eva.

Towards the end of the night, the little drunk Irishman named Donal, turns up. Mighty trashed. Which is rather hilarious watching what occurs. We head off, and end up outside Milhouse (as most of the guys are staying there), though I can’t get in, so I stay outside and have the beer brought to me. Its rather comical watching the ‘taxi situation’ there. We get over it, and head to a nearby bar on Av 9 de Julio. Considerning we’re on another continent and away from our families, the christmas isn’t too bad.

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