A Porteno Christmas

My last day at the end of the world. And it goes tit’s up once again. The frugal weather has hampered any chance I have of getting to the Beagle Channel, as the cruise has been cancelled for a third time.

Puerto Ushuaia. Where I should of been on hopping on a boat. No such luck this time.

I have a flight later on in the day, so after going and getting my refund from the tour company. I set off to do some gift shopping. My friend in Buenos Aires wis a champion and has invited myself to her christmas dinner tonight. And it would be rude not to get a present for her.

It’s not that fair from the big white.

The flight with LAN isn’t too bad. Its a fairly long flight, and not much in the form of entertainment except my Murakami novel and sleep. I tend to opt for the sleep though, it makes the trip go faster.

Once arriving at Aeroparque, its straight to the locutorio. Its Christmas back home, and I’m pretty sure the old mum would probably throttle me if I didn’t give her a ring. It’s then into a cab (pretty sure I got ripped off here) and off to Victoria’s place.

But I do stop off at the only supermarket I find open and grab a bottle of vino. It’d be rude not to offer some booze.

She’s a little obsessed with Christmas! My friend Victoria all ready for some celebrating.

I’m always amazed when people you don’t know take you into your home. And look after you like you were one of their own. I thought I would be spending Christmas in a hostel with a bunch of other lonely travellers. But the Bianchini’s take me in, and make sure I have a great evening. Even with my limited castellano. I’m overwhelmed by it.

I brought Vicky Christmas Crackers from Australia. They’ve never used them before. it was hilarious watching.

A strange thing happens at about midnight. Everyone wanders into the street. Some with long packages in their hand. And others just with booze. At the stroke of midnight (when it actually becomes christmas), there is a huge amount of explosions rattling off everywhere. They go nuts and let off fireworks. The sky is a ramshackle of colours. Its not a bad way to see in the day.

The joy on her face says it all. She loves them.

We then head off to their relatives house, for more festivities. Read: Wine, Beer, Dancing, Pool, Talking. Its strange as its well into the am and they still go. Before we head off to Plaza Serano for a few drinks and to meet up with Vicky’s friends, who don’t turn up.

Not the best fireworks, but hey, I’m not complaining.

However, its a great way to spend the evening. I always find it weird to celebrate on Christmas Eve. It’s a fantastic experience, to be welcomed into a family and allowed to take part in their celebrations.

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