Another Cancellation.

When the winds hit the windows of the room at 40km/h, it’s a loud bang that it makes. It isn’t exactly ideal to wake up to. But that’s how we roll this morning.

With plans to head to Tierra del Fuego, I check the weather first online. Winds all day, with a change in the afternoon. That one gets put on the backburner.

I walk on down to the tourist wharf. Well, by walk, I take the bus in, cause I’d be blown off into the atmosphere with the weather. And head to Patagonia Explorers office. Its time to find out what the deal is with tours today, as its not looking bright. A bit of weather talk (not interesting), I discover that a) the harbour is closed to all craft at present and b) it might stay that way or it might not. They advise myself to call back later to find out whether the tour is going ahead.

On the way up to the glacier. Looking down towards Ushuaia. This is actually the ski run.

So, I then head off, it seems fine for the moment, and I go to hop on a bus to the National Park. But, they’ve all left. So I’d have to take a cab. You can guess what my answer was to that!

So instead I grab a taxi and head up to the Ski Lift. Yeah, I’m going skiing. But on a serious note, the ski lift is the start of the hike up to Martial Glacier. And its here the the 1 hour hike up there starts.

The view of the Beagle Channel.

It’s not overly difficult, you can cheat for half the way if you want with the chair lift but its super expensive. The first part has you crossing under the lift, and walking up the only ‘ski run’ to the top of the lift.

A handsome young lad at the top of the hike.

From here, its a flat-ish walk to the bottoom of the face of the mountain. And then a steep 20 minute walk up. To where you should be standing face to face with a massive sheet of ice.

The “mighty” Martial Glacier.

But on getting there, I just burst out into laughter. The Martial Glacier is a mere ice cube. Its piddly compared to the monster of Perito Moreno Glacier. Its rather funny that there is a sign that states “You are now viewing the glacier”. I respond with “What glacier?”.

The sign could be a bit misleading. Does ‘melting’ count as moving?

Though, the glacier is a bit of a let down, massively to be honest. The surrounding vista’s are definitely worth it. A fantastic view of Ushuaia harbour and the Beagle Channel. And the surrounding peaks are soaring and snow capped. If only that glacier was a bit bigger huh.

Back down at the carpark, its either a good 2 hour walk back to town, or wait for a taxi. I decide to wait as there are others about doing the same, so hoping that they drop people off frequently. Luckily, the couple in front get the next taxi and invite me to share. And wouldn’t let me pay any money. South Americans are some of the friendliest people I know!

Its a big let down back at the hostel but. The conditions haven’t changed. Its still blowing 40+ kilometer winds and the clouds are closing in. So I get the hostel to ring up the company and find out whats going on. The reply – “Sorry mate but the harbours been shut. However we’ve rescheduled your trip til tomorrow morning”. Disappointing. I leave tomorrow in the afternoon. Fingers crossed the weather improves!

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