Welcome to the End of the World.

Or the southernmost city in the World. Its windswept and cold. I didn’t prepare for this kind of weather. I came to South America seeking heat, and get cold. I sleep in, its warm in bed, and after the last few days of hectic, non stop travel, I decide I need a bit of a rest day. And thats what I intend to do.

Ushuaia – Southernmost City in the World.

The hostel, is a bit far from the town centre, and I wait for the bus. It never comes. So I head off and walk down to town. It takes about 30 minutes, and its god damn windy. And a view of the harbour, with ships ready for the big white.

Just don’t call these the Falklands…a bit of a contentious issue in Argentina. I came across this “Isla Malvinas” memorial on the way into town.

In town, I head to a cafe, and guzzle a latte. It heats my body temperature up for a good 5 minutes. Perfect for the walk down to the Museo del Fin del Mundo (Museum of the end of the world). Or so it seems, I forgot we are in Argentina and that places never open on time. Ever. And then comes inflation, again. Everywhere (including online) stated the museum was only $20 pesos. Hey, its Argentina, lets just rise the price up to $50 pesos now. But it only ends up being under 15 bucks.

The Duchess of Albany figurehead in Museo del Fin del Mundo.

The museum is really small actually. I didn’t expect it to be this small. But its quite interesting. A lot of information about the indigenous and local inhabitants. It also has the biggest collection of birds in Tierra del Fuego (all taxidermied). With the weather turning to absolute terrible.

Is that a Penguin! Some of the birds in the museum.

I head up to the Museo Maritimo de Ushuaia. But again, I’m off putted by the admission price. Shame really, as I hear its really good.

I call this ‘the bird room’.

I head down to the port, and check out the ‘tourist booth city’. Which is all the tour agencies that do Beagle Channel tours. And go ask for prices and information. But I look at the weather and decide to give it a rain check as it looks dodgey.

Museo del Fin del Mundo. As you can, small.

With the inclement weather setting in, I decide to stop off at La Anonima (a chain supermarket) for some dinner. I do well, and get a good bottle of malbec and some beef steaks. Its a bit quiet, at the hostel. Its a mix of old couples and people looking for work. Pretty lame really, but its a bed. And I spend the night drinking my Malbec and talking to the other guests.

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