Back to Argentina

Up early, out the door and to the bus station. Or Bus companies office. And wait for the bus to turn up. Of course, this is Patagonia, and it turns up 30 minutes late. Standard stuff really.

The bus isn’t full, which is always a positive. Just think of the extra space and you can spread out a bit more! Although not exactly comfortable. But they put a movie on, in English. Pity it was Fast Five (part of the ridiculous The Fast and the Furious series).

About half way into the movie, things go a little awry. And by awry I mean, the road changes from Bitumen to dust. The next 6-8 hours is spent with little sleep, no movie (the bumps scratched the dvd), and a very bumpy ride to the border.

The border formalities where a cinch. The bus attendant took our passports, and went and did all the formalities for us. I dare say, its probably a lot quicker that way. And we’re left to get rid of our last Chilean Pesos buying food at the overpriced stores.

We pull into the town of Rio Grande. And let me tell you, there is nothing Grand about this place. Its a bit of a hole. A quick bus change, and we’re off to Ushuaia.

Two hours later, we pop over a hill and hit a town that has a ramshackle of houses. And you think, Ushuaia is still a while off. Then you get the “Welcome to Ushuaia”sign that welcomes you.

Welcome to the End of the World. A collection of Ramshackle houses, cold miserable weather, and rain. This is the end of the Pan-American Highway. And where Antarctica is closer than Buenos Aires. This the last touch of Civilisation before the White Continent.

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