Punta Arenas

A bit of a farewell, I’m heading south to Punta Arenas today. After a sleep in. I make sure I book a late bus so I can enjoy that and some breakfast before heading off on the short 3 hour bus ride.

Plaza de Armas, Punta Arenas.

Upon getting to Punta Arenas, I have 2 tasks to do. My first is to buy a ticket to Ushuaia. You would think, buying a bus ticket is easy. Well, yeah it is.

But in this case, it takes a good hour or two. My first problem is that there isn’t a bus terminal here and each bus company has an office a good walking distance from each other.  So I wander around, trying to find a bus that is actually departing tomorrow. But nope, the 4 or so agencies I try, don’t have one for tomorrow. I end up at the Central de Passajeros(as the LP guide states – the closest thing to a central booking office) and am able to book a bus ticket there. For $30,000 pesos (roughly 60 bucks).

Plaza de Armas.

It’s then onto my second assignment, finding a bed for the evening. This one isn’t so difficult – I head off to where there where a few in the guidebook. And there doesn’t seem to be vacancies in those ones. I end up at a dive of a place.

Sunset down at the port.

It’s then off to explore. Which I don’t do a lot of. I wander to Plaza de Armaswhich isn’t exactly great. But its central. There are a few museums nearby, but I ditch them. And head for something free (the bus ride took most of my money) and go into the Church.

Sunset at the port.

It starts to get a bit late, so I go and splurge and eat at a decent restaurant. And seeing as the hostel isn’t much chop, I trust the Lonely Planet guide book and head to La Marmite. It’s not a bad place actually, and I end up eating Guanaco (an animal similar to Llama’s and Alpaca’s). The Guanaco was surprisingly good.

This is my favourite photo of the evening’s photos. Broken Pier at sunset.

I then venture off to the promenade and pier to shoot off some sunset pictures. Which actually turn out better than I expect. You can see the results on this page. But apart from that its a very quiet evening, and back at the hostel its the same – watch a few movies on the laptop and crash. Punta Arenas was a bit of a let down.

One last photo.

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