The Final Ascent

Sunrise at the Mirador

The wind tears through every layer of clothing as I haul my self out of my cosy sleeping bag and tent. Its bitterly cold. And then you realise that you still have to climb up a hill.

The sunset was just as good as the towers of pain.

The hill, well you can’t really see it. Except for the flickering of some lights somewhere up in the dark. And then its a slow, cold trudge up in the dark. We somehow manage to veer off-course and onto the big boulders. Before finally getting back onto the main track. This 40-ish minute hike up a pretty steep gradient is all for one thing.

The pay off – Torres Del Paine.

Sunrise at Mirador Torres del Paine.

Made it.

The famed spires that this National Park is named after. And what a lot of ‘daytrippers’ come to see.


The sun starts to rise off towards the valley below with bright pinks and oranges. And then your faced with the Towers. Somewhat underwhelming at first. It doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor that you get when you hike to Machu Picchu. But the sun does make it stand out with vibrant red colour. Not to mention its also bloody freezing, and after snapping a multitude of photos, my hands are completely numb.

Incredible hues from the top.

It is quite a sight. And its worthwhile, but its not the sole reason why one should visit the park. It has a wonder of sights to see.

An hour later and we were finished at Hosteria Las Torres. Those clouds are covering where we were standing. Thats how quick the weather changes here.

The walk back down is quick and easy. Before a pack up and a quick scoot back to Camping Chileno. And we all manage to grab a much needed coffee. And I do mean much needed. Even if the coffee was as good as off milk.

It took its toll on some.

Its then back down to Hosteria Las Torres. Where we all regroup, stretch, eat chocolate or smoke (depending on what your vice is). Its then over to the ‘Restaurant’ where we spend the next few hours sipping on beer and wine whilst eating a good burger. And waiting for the bus to come pick us up.

Others just wanted to check their mail.

And then its the 2 hour or so journey back to Puerto Natales. Or is it more a 2 hour sleep on the bus. Everyone is pretty buggered after the early wake up and crashes on the ride back.

A smoke and a stretch. Post trek routines differ.

Its a quiet evening in Puerto Natales, a few of us a meet up for a few drinks at Eratic Rock. And get some washing done, book a ticket out of here and then sleep. Its definitely good to be back in a bed for a night.

And this is ours – beer. A great way to end the trek.

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