Across to Campamento Torres.

Today sees us venturing across and around the bottom of the Cuernos. And then up to the last campsite – Campamento Torres. The usual morning breakfast takes place, and the pack up.

Campsite in the early morning.

And then we’re off. Well sort of. A few of the boys decide to play silly buggers, and hide massive boulders in their bags. So after they are sorted out, we’re really off on the path. Its a long trek to Camping Chileno.

On the trail to the “torres”.

I lose the group – I was too busy taking photos and couldn’t catch up. But found solace in a few other trekkers (Alexis, Pete and Kate). And we gather speed towards Camping Chileno. Halfway there is a sign saying “Shortcut”. And well, a shortcut is always welcome!

The so called “shortcut”.

The shortcut seems steep and probably not worth it. Until you reach the end. Where you see a steep path leading up, and you think to yourself: God, I’m happy not to be doing that!

Thats the ‘main’ trail. This is a flat section, but its pretty much straight down to the valley below.

A refuel, at Camping Chileno ($2,000 for a Coke), seems steep. But does the trick. Its another ‘uphill’. But its not entirely bad. It isn’t a hard uphill slog. But it only takes about 45 minutes to reach Campamento Torres.

3 days in and a “welcome” sign. Bit late don’t ya think?

This is the final campsite for us. Its at the bottom of the trail to Mirador Torres (which we’ll summit tomorrow). A free campsite, where there are lots of people about. And its freezing cold here. I think tonights the coldest that I’ve felt. And an uncomfortable sleep – not that I’ll get much sleep with a wake up of 4am.

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