I wake up, still in disbelief and annoyed that I can’t do anything to help my friends back home. It’s a horrible feeling. And it doesn’t help that you’re so isolated from the world here.

The trail head for Laguna Torres.

I do a hike out to Cerro Grande (Spelling). Its about a 6 hour return trip, that starts of a bit hard, but is generally a pleasant stroll. I have my ipod with me today and listen to bands that my friend adored (Blink 182 and No Use For A Name among others). I get to a point and just break down.

At the mirador. You can see Cerro Torre on a good day. Today wasn't good.

The weather itself, is pretty good at first. Til you get to the viewpoint and its horrible. So much rain and cloud. Its not exactly a great view. I spend about 30 minutes waiting for them to disappear. But it seems to me that its not.

At Laguna Torre. Pretty miserable. But still beats work.

If the weather was fine, this view would be amazing. It’s a shame its so bad. But you have days where the weather isn’t great. And that’s a lot in Patagonia (I’ve been lucky up til this point).

Wooden trail.


So I trudge back to town and settle in at the hostel. And do those menial tasks like shower and eat dinner.

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