Bienvenido a El Chalten

Winding along the Patagonia expanse, we stop abruptly to be met by this mind boggling view of Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy. The granite peaks are definitely inspiring. And after 4 hours in a bus, its nice to get off and stretch the legs as well.

The bus stopped for this. Thanks for stopping bus.

The first stop on entering El Chalten is to the National Parks Office. Its a small building, but we are handed a map and given information about the park. Information that is vital to the sustainability of Los Glaciares National Park. Not to mention some handy information on the hikes that are accessible and weather forecast (they even advise what treks to do on what day).

A view from the Parks Office. And also start of the Mirador de los Condores trail.

The town of El Chalten is nestled right on the border with Chile. But it is home to Hiking in Argentina. Its expensive here (i.e. most hostels charge about 20 bucks a night with no internet and no breakfast) but thats a normal price for Patagonia. I make my way to the hostel – quite small but cozy.

Cerro Fitz Roy in its splendour.

Its then time to do a small trek – in preparation for a monster of a trek tomorrow. There are loads of small treks that don’t take too long. I decided to do the short trek to Mirador de los Conderes. 

The walk up to Mirador de los Condores.

The walk up is steepish. But you are rewarded with a windy reception at the top. And affordable views of the Mountain Ranges and El Chalten.

Mirador de los Condores.

Back at the hostel, the owners help organise my hike for tomorrow to Cerro Fitz Roy. And are extremely helpful with it as well. The hostel is a bit dead – as there isn’t many people about. So I just chill out and watch a movie.


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