Sinterklaas in El Calafate!

Exiting from a bus after 28 hours is pure bliss. Not orgasmic, more relief. Relief to be standing and to have fresh air. And the immediate realisation that you smell utterly disgusting. The first thing on the agenda – shower.

The Artesean Markets.

El Calafate, isn’t exactly a big town. Nor is it exciting. It has a steady influx of tourists and not a great lot to see or do. Spending the afternoon walking around town is a bit of a let down. The only upside is that the scenery surrounding the city is out of this world like. Narnia-esque. It’s ridiculous.

The view of the lake in El Calafate.

The evening brings a slight celebration. It’s a dutch tradition to celebrate Sinter Klaus. And as ‘honoury’ dutchies for the evening (Anna and I) we celebrate accordingly. A big feast is cooked up (consisting of rissoles, lots of roast veggies) and devoured. And glasses of beer are consumed.

Jorien and I cooking up a Sinterklaas feast!

We go and see the town – and get side tracked by a Gelado Store. I shouldn’t be eating this much ice cream. But when its this good, well you cannot say no.

Anna and I celebrating Sinter Klaas.

To be honest – it’s a quiet day & evening. Just what’s needed after an arduous bus ride.

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