The longest bus ride I’ve ever done.

Bariloche to El Calafate.

Waking up at 6am or somewhere about that time whilst travelling is pretty ridiculous. Waking up at that time to get on a bus for 28 hours is just plain old horrible. But that is exactly why Jorien, Eva and myself are doing up at this terrible hour.

At the bus stop, its cold and then we get on the bus. It’s a Cama bus so at least the seats go back. But I don’t want to think about being on this bus for 28 hours at all.

Though it wasn’t too bad. I mean, lunch was pretty good and so was dinner. The movies were ok – despite some being in Spanish (but hey we are in a Spanish speaking country. It is to be expected).

The bad part comes nearing the evening, when I really need to use the facilities. And the bus toilet is ‘solo liquids’. So no dirty business. Which sends a total shiver up my spine.

So at the next bus station in Comodoro Rivadavia – I make a beeline for the toilets. Only to be disheartned by the lack of facilities. Well, they had facilities. It’s just that the facilities lacked actually seats and no toilet paper. So I bail on the idea altogether and hope my bladder holds out.

Next morning in Rio Gallegos – same thing. And to cap it off, no breakfast on the bus. Luckily a few hours up the road a service station has the servicios I’m looking for.

It’s not too long after this that we pull into the town of El Calafate. All after about 28 hours. And all I want is a god damn warm shower.

The numbers:

Hours: Approximately 28 hours.
Distance: 1,919km (according to google maps).
Food: One serving of curried sausages for lunch and a serving of spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

And most importantly: Carry a roll of toilet paper and perhaps a toilet seat as they seem to be scant in bus stations here.

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