Another weekend, another hangover.

Title really says it all. Hangover day. At the spur of the moment I decide stuff it lets do a 28 hour bus ride with the crazy dutch girls. So I head to the omnibus terminal and book the ticket. Afterwards, I head in and buy a warm hoodie and a waterproof jacket.

The street the hostel was on.

Back at the hostel, it seems everyone is in the same boat and drinking the water like its going out of fashion. Not to mention lazing on the couches and bean bags watching movies. Its just one of those days.

Part of the band that was playing.

Centro Civico and the little 'fiesta'.

I do manage to wander down to the City Square and see a bit of Fiesta going on which is cool. And snap off some quick photos.

Unknown Skateboarder.

Jorien and Eva cook dinner for me tonight, ‘cause apparently I drove all of yesterday and they wanted to thank me. Which is nice. It’s a pretty dull evening as we pack our bags, and have a quiet night in as we are up at the crack of dawn to catch a bus.

The main street off Bariloche.

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