Los Siete Lagos

The Seven Lakes Tour.

December 3rd, 2011.

Battered Bridge - Somewhere in The Lakes District.

A bit of a late start, and after breakfast we walk on down the road to the car rental place. And sign our life’s away, well technically Jorien’s life away.

We set off, but not for long, as Anna has to buy a ticket at the bus station for El Calafate. We get accosted by the Security Guard for parking in the wrong spot but Anna shows up after buying her ticket and we head off on the road.

The Beast.

Its not long before we take a turn off onto the Seven Lakes Roadand it turns from asphalt to gravel. The views would be absolutely amazing – if we could see them. Due to the ash from the nearby Chilean Volcano it diminishes the effect of the area.

We dubbed this drive "The Seven Ashes" drive due to the hazen ash from that darn Chilean Volcano.

We drive through Villa La Angostura and keep heading on. Stopping whenever we see a great view for photo opportunities. We get to a small playa on a lake. And Jorien walks past the sand onto what looks like sand – but turns out to be just a layer of ash and sinks into the water.

La Playa - not much of a beach really.

We walked onto the 'beach'. It happened to be ash floating on water. D'oh!

The sky clears up after a bit and we get some fantastic views of the remaining lakes. We then find ourselves in the pretty little town of San Martin de Los Andes. It’s a small, but beautiful town with that Alpine feel to it. Most of the shops are shut for siesta but we run into a Heladaria and a bakery. Where we tuck into some Empanandas and Dulce de Leche ice cream.

Dulce de Leche Helado. Simply nothing better than this! Oh maybe a big delicious steak, but that doesn't count.

The drive back from San Martin to Bariloche is long, boring and tedious. There is not much to see. It’s a real contrast to the beauty we just saw on the seven lakes tour. It is extremely dry and desolate – some would say barren.

A random waterfall we found.

Back at the hostel it’s a fellow hostel mates cumpleaños so we celebrate in style with cheap wine and party games. Before heading out on the town to the nearby bar called Konna. Where they brew their own beer. Just don’t ask for their negro cervaza – it would be nice except it tastes like coffee.

We kick it on to the wee hours of the morning at Wilkenny’s which seems to be pumping tonight and packed to the rafters.

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