Cascada’s en Bariloche

December 1st, 2011.

Bariloche, Argentina.

A plan for a lazy day is a bit of a bad move. Always. Never plan anything. Unless you’ve brought tickets to a sporting event or a flight. It just never goes to plan. Ever.

Today was one of those days. I thought that after two days after a long bus ride, I should take it easy and cruise around town. But I then decide to hop along to a waterfall.

The road next to Lago Gutierez.

The bus ride takes us out to Lago Gutierrez from there we walk down the coastal path in a foursome. But that quickly turns into more like a fivesome and then a sixsome as we are tailed by some wagging friends. There tends to be a bunch of stray dogs around and they follow us in the hope of food.

Lago Gutierrez. It got a bit overcast with ash cloud.

About 3kms down the road we get to the national park and follow a trail up to the cascada’s. They aren’t huge, but we have two cascading falls over a small rocky cliff.

The waterfalls - not Iguazu like but still pretty cool.

Heading back we pick up another 3 dogs and they follow us into town. Which is a bit weird. And at one point we have seven. Heaps weird.

The path back.

Back at the hostel, its pretty chilled out. There isn’t a lot going on. We indulge in more Helado. Seriously, the Helado here rivals that in San Gimingano, Italy. Its absolutely delicious. Try the Dulce de Leche helado (so god damn tasty).

Lago Gutierez minus the ash cloud.


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