The Greenery of Palermo

Buenos Aires – Saturday 26th November, 2011.

A bit of an early start I suppose. Well for myself anyway. And straight onto the Subte to get to Plaza Italia. Once I get off, I run into a whole pack of people wandering somewhere. So I follow – gotta be something good. I end up in front of the Buenos Aires Zoo. I decide to go in – its only 34 pesos. So my expectations where pretty low considering the price.

Buenos AIres Zoo. Some animals roam freely.

For a comparison Taronga Zoo in Sydney costs about $50 dollars, where as BsAs zoo costs less than $10AUD.

A lion at the zoo.

Walking through the zoo is kind of like a mini time warp. The animals all look healthy and happy. There’s a wide collection of snakes, turtles, camels, hippos, bison, llama’s, tigers, lions, chimps, and monkeys. Its not big, but it’ll take an hour or two to get around.Though the one sad thing about this is that the animal enclosures themselves seem a little run down – it is like the enclosures were built 20-30 years ago and have never been updated since.

One interesting aspect of the zoo is that you can actually buy comida or food to hand to the animals. There are these long silver slides that you can place your food in and the animals lap it up. Though I think its a bit wrong to be doing that.

Another cool place in Palermo is a museum called Malba or Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires. It focus on modernistic art from artists of Latin America. It will cost you about $22 Pesos to get in. I think its a bit overpriced for 2 levels of display. But its a really cool museum, with some interesting art around the place.

Art work in MALBA.

The other really good and pleasing aspect of Palermo is that there are a tonne of parklands around. You can pay to go to the Japonese Jardins for example. Or just chill, play futbol, cycle, run, or sunbake in the massive amount of greenery that this area has. It’s a good way to just chill and rest the feet after walking all day.


Vicky comes and meets me at the Hostel before taking me back to Recoleta – which is much more bustling at this time of night. There are a heaps of hippy market stalls about. We head into the Cultural Centre (it’s free!!) and wander about. There are some, ahem, interesting art exhibits there but some other really nice art displays.

We head off and walk for what seems like an age – and Vicky is on a mission for Helado. The Argentine version of Ice Cream. On the way there though she makes sure I try some Dulce de leche – and oh my god it is an absolute delight.

So when it comes down to finally grab the Helado’s its always good to just stick some Dulce de Leche on there for sweetness’ sake. After we consume our helado’s we set off again. On another big walk – but we then end up taking the Subte to get to Belgrano to meet Ale and his brother. Whilst waiting, Vicky gets me to try another staple of Argentine food – the Alfajor. A really sweet biscuit of sorts. It goes down a treat but it’s like that really sweet cake you have and just can’t finish sometimes.

The dinner comes afterwards. A traditional Asado or barbecue. It’s a bit of a small parrilla somewhere north of Belgrano (not sure of the neighbourhood to be sure). But we get the all-you-can-eat-asado. Which goes down an absolute treat. Its a gut busting, pant busting delight. I must say, the know how to cook and eat steak. The whole thing between four of us cost a total of $375 pesos with beer, wine, drinks, salad, and dessert. A pretty good bargain to be honest.

Its then onto Palermo again, to where Vicky first took me to meet one of her friends. The place is much more happening now. There are people everywhere. And its bustling. We snag a seat somewhere and order a few drinks. It gets a bit late. And we set off. Getting in at about 4ish to the hostel. A pretty good day really.

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