La Avalancha

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 24th November, 2011.

Try to find a bank that allows you to get money out is sometimes a fucking nightmare. Seriously, tried 3 banks this morning and none worked. So I go fuck it and head off with the 3 boys to La Boca.

Colourful La Boca.

We pull up next to Caminito Street. To say its colourful is an understatement. But than to say its Touristy is not. The place is teaming with them. Kind of disappointing, but kind of expected too. The area is painted in bright colours, with corny models of famous Argentinians. It’s a good place to wander and get some cool photos.

Caminto Street, La Boca.

We duck in to get some food somewhere. Order the ‘steak special’ mainly cause its 45 pesos and wait for it. It comes out, and it looks like its been hit with a rolling pin to flatten the thing out. There isn’t much meat on the thing, but it does the trick and fills the stomach for the moment.

Republica de La Boca - Courts for sports.

A wander around to help the food digest doesn’t help, but then we get to the train tracks, and start to walk to Club Atletico Boca Juniors Estadia known as La Bombanera. We start to perk up when we see how dodgy the area is and pretty much walk as quickly as possible.

Boca Juniors Museum.

We head into the museum, which is alright. Not as good as I was expecting but it’s not the main reason to come in. We head out onto a little patio to see the Stadium which is pretty awesome.

La Bombanera.

We take the Estadio tour and they show us about – telling us all tid bits and facts about the stadium. We get to the La Doce section. And the guide tells us they have this thing called the avalanche or la avalancha when their team scores, all the fans run down and try to climb the fence and now when I count to 3 you guys are going to do la avalancha.

So being typical louts we do it. It was pretty fun. Not good on barefeet. But its fun. Til I get down and notice half the skin off my shin is taken off. Oh well.

La Avalancha.

Back at the hostel, after our awesome supermarket shop (we got dinner and drinks for about 30 pesos each) we cook up a storm and enjoy a few beers. The night rapidly descends into unorganized chaos and before you know it we’re all in the back of a taxi going to club 69. Which was extremely weird – think weird show going onstage. Though it turns out to be  another one of those ‘get out of the club when its bright as day’. Thats quite normal here.

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