The Wealthy Dead

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 23nd November, 2011.

Heading out on a collectivo to Recoleta was a mission. Mainly cause my map told me it was going to go a certain way, but went one street earlier than what it was supposed to. But I get off and start walking the leafy streets towards a high break wall.

Walking past high walls and towards the entrance is kind of, well it would be surreal, except for the large array of bus tours that are parked out front. But they’re all leaving so its good.

The entrance to Cemetario de Recoleta.

After the standard being accosted by ‘guides’ and ‘donation wanters’. Its then you come to the maze like realm of Cemetario de Recoleta. It’s a wonder of stately mausoleums and then some not so stately ones – that are so run down you can see the remains inside (that’s what those cats are eating).

Cruising the suburbs.

But wandering around and getting lost in this place is a treat. There are past presidents and the wealthy of Buenos Aires residing here posthumously of course. One being Eva Peron – just follow all the crowds and you’ll find the Duarte Familia tomb where she now resides.

Eva Peron's Crypt.

Next door is the small and delicate Iglesia del Pilar. A ornate church that has some interesting features. But for me its more of a reprieve from the smoggy heat for a few minutes.

Plaza Intendente Torcuato de Alvear, sometimes has a bit of a hippy market, but today only has two stalls set up. So I do what any backpacker does and grab a cheap meal. The Choripan is an Argentine speciality. And for about $10 pesos it’s a bargain and a good feast.

Plenty of green spaces in Buenos Aires.

Digesting takes some time, but the Plaza has plenty of green spaces – and hopefully dog bomb free to have a lay and the ubiquitous siesta. Which is one of my favourite past times.

Siestas. I can get used to these.

Then, heading down and across the two main thoroughfares – darting across the street here is an everyday flirtation with death. There is no stopping cars – not even a red light. But dart and hope for the best. But next door to the gigantic Buenos Aires University Law building is the metallic sparkle that is the Floralis Generica.

Floralis Generica.

It’s a massive, man made flower that actually opens and closes with the sun. So you can see it in a different light at a different time of day. Its quite a sight, a good photo oppoturnity and it does blow the mind for a public statue and is better than most that you see.

Heading over the arterial road to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is another dash of mercy. But the museum itself is quite a surprise. It’s small, and easy to navigate with some pretty interesting artworks in the place.

After getting back, and getting on the happy beers. Its time to chill at the hostel party. Something that is becoming a tradition. And one I’m starting to get over.

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2 thoughts on “The Wealthy Dead

  1. Enjoying the read brutha 🙂 it’s taking me back and making me a little nostalgic. Eagerly awaiting Bloomfield chapter 2…..

    • Chapter two would be a lot faster if internet here wasn’t slow. Hope you enjoy mate. Come to brazil with me brutha….i may add your chica though. and she can show me her town! haha I wont steal her….maybe her amigas!

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